November 15, 2019


New “Vogue” Video Booths Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology

Inspired by the famous Met Gala Celebrity Booths, our custom built “Vogue” booth truly takes the photo booth experience to the NEXT LEVEL!

Step inside these mesmerizing, light tunnel booths and STRIKE A POSE!  Music rocks while you pose and you feel as though you’re being warped into another dimension!

Our Vogue booths utilize our proprietary “Touch Motion” video technology, which provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible animated GIFs and Boomerangs that can be instantly shared via social media. Your guests can also text or email the images/GIFs directly to their phones to expand their ability to share. It is a great way to generate buzz and hype both during and after your event. Do something that everyone will remember at your next NYC event and and enjoy for years to come!

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