Cyclone 360 video Booth

- Unlike any other 360 booth in existence, our Cyclone 360 was custom engineered and built by our professional team here in NYC to SAFELY fit up to 6 people at a time... which means WAY more fun for larger groups! 
- Our strong and sturdy platform allows us to capture our 360 Videos using Pro-Grade Canon DSLR Video Cameras, Adjustable Lenses and Proper LED Lighting... NOT a Cell Phone or iPad like other cheaper 360 booths.    

- PLUS... with our Cyclone 360 Experience, your guests will INSTANTLY receive 2 (TWO) types of 360 Videos... 1) An interactive "Touch-Motion" Video Player which allows them to swipe, rotate, zoom in / out and screen shot any frame from the 360....  AND 2) A standard MP4 Video File which automatically plays with a song of your choice embedded in the video!   

- Both video versions can be instantly shared to social media... AND both include a Custom Designed Video "Overlay" which can be "static" OR "animated" and can include Custom Branding / Personalization specific for your event!

Key Features

Utilizes Surrounding Event Setting as 360° Background
  • Professional 360 Technicians for Set Up & Operation
  • CYCLONE 360 Turntable & Video Capture System
  • Your Event Setting as 360° Video Background
  • Professional LED Studio Lighting System
  • Beautifying & Epic Slow-Mo Video Effects
  • Custom Designed & Branded Video Overlay (logos, text, graphics, etc.)
  • Custom Branded Social Sharing Kiosk & Online Video Gallery (micro-site)
  • Instant Video Sharing to Email & Social Media (instagram, tictok, fb, etc.)
  • Customizable Email Content (logos, messaging & links)
  • Email Data & Content Capture (customizable & optional)
  • Post Event Data & Sharing Analytics
  • Additional Enhancement Options Available

Set up Requirements

  • Min. 3 Hours Load-in / Set Up Time
  • Min. 12' X 12' Floor Area (ideally 15' X 15')
  • Min. 8' Ceiling Height Clearance
  • Dedicated 15 or 20 Amp Power Outlet

behind the scenes

Our Cyclone 360 Video Booth in Action at Recent Events!

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