November 16, 2019


“360° Fly Around” OverHead Camera Booth Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology


Introducing the World’s 1st Revolving OverHead 360 Video Booth!  Our proprietary Elevated Robotic Camera System & “Touch Motion” video technology provides A fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly sharable 360° Video!  With our proprietary model, after your guest’s video is captured, our proprietary software can add slow-motion, hard cuts, color corrections, music, static or animated video overlays, and more, to further customize your content for your brand. In less than a minute, your guest’s video is fully rendered, edited, and populated into our kiosk sharing stations.  Our 360° Fly Around is a cost-friendly infrastructure provides branding opportunities during every frame of your guest’s 360 experience.  You can also add a custom overlay (included)  featuring your logo, hashtag, date, etc… for your next NYC event.

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