December 5, 2019


“Video Confessional Booth” Instantly Shareable “Branded” Video Moments

Check out our new video booth that is inspired by the video confessional format perfected on reality television!  Our fully enclosed “Semi-Soundproof” Video Confessional Booth is perfect for capturing personal thoughts, messages or marketing content on-site at any New York City (NYC) or Nationwide event!

Once the fun begins, guests will leave loving, hilarious and memorable speeches. Don’t be surprised if you see a little something extra too, we’ve seen guests sing, dance, perform scenes from movies, theatre productions…you name it! We’ve even seen married couples leave surprise messages/vows to each other!  Utilizing professional cameras, microphones & video capture software, our super sleek confessional booth allows event guests to INSTANTLY share their branded confessionals on social media, and also provides brands with valuable video content!

So why not step up your event marketing takeaways and capture your guest’s memorable words, thoughts and testimonials.  Or add a fun surprise at your wedding or next social event and have a collection of best wishes from your friends and family that will last a lifetime! The videos can be customized by using faster cuts or slow motion, plus they can be branded with a watermark or an animated title of your brand or event name/date!

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