December 16, 2019


Looking for a Fun Experiential Marketing Idea?? Check Out Our “VOGUE” Booth!

Inspired by the famous Met Gala celebrity booth… Our custom built “Vogue” booth truly takes the photo booth experience to the NEXT LEVEL!  Our Vogue booths utilize our proprietary “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology, which provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly shareable video! Our Vogue Booth is fun for any Corporate or Social event!

Showcasing your brand with our Vogue booth, like our Client shown in the GIF sample above, is a GREAT and INNOVATIVE way to market your brand.  Our clients love drawing in a crowd utilizing our Vogue booths for their activations at festivals, expos, grand openings, red carpet events and other promotional events.

We can custom wrap our Vogue booth with your branding using professional-grade material, just like when you’d have a vehicle wrapped.  We can also customize the backdrop inside the booth and/or add an overlay to further emphasize your brand.  All of the still photo prints can be branded with whatever message you want to communicate.  With these powerful printouts and the ability for your guests to INSTANTLY share on their social channels… your brand is integrated into their personalized photos and will reach a broader audience with our social kiosks!

So if you’re looking for a fun experiential marketing idea or just a crowd pleaser, in the New York City (NYC) Metro area, let us provide you with a custom branded Vogue booth.  So step up your Experiential Marketing, create a thrill for your guests and have them step inside this mesmerizing enclosure and feel as though they are being warped into another dimension!

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