December 16, 2019


GO LIMITLESS with Our Advanced Green-Screen Technology!!

Using our advanced Green-Screen technology, NYC Photo Party can transport you and your guests into limitless virtual locations. Videos can be automatically merged with pre-recorded footage or branding to offer powerful marketing opportunities and unique souvenirs.

Our design team will work with you on preparing your green-screen video options, create a custom overlay showcasing your brand, hashtag, or event details and our advanced Technicians will set up a green-screen studio at your event.  Your New York City  event guests are then invited to step behind the camera & make a short video clip of a predetermined video experience. We give your guests props, signs & encouragement for their video premier.  Their digital video is then delivered INSTANTLY  to your guests for them to save & share.  We have a number of social media options & delivery systems based on your event type.  Videos can be shared on any platform including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Email & MMS.

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