January 15, 2020


Reebok Brings Retro to the VOGUE Booth!


NYC Photo Party worked with Reebok to help bring the “unexpected” with a CUSTOM built illuminated Red, White & Blue VOGUE BOOTH. This amazing photo booth experience was created in celebration of Reebok’s new Allen Iverson-inspired “Question Mid Double Cross” silhouette, “Crossover U” series! Our Vogue Video Booth took the celebration to the next level with its mesmerizing enclosure that allows guests to feel as though they are being warped into another dimension! Our Vogue Booths utilize our proprietary “Touch Motion” Video Technology, which provides a fully interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly shareable video!

Want to give your guests a truly amazing photo booth experience for your next NYC or Tri-State event… CALL US TODAY!

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