June 23, 2021


Concepts x Nike Kyrie 7 Horus – Launch Activation

In May of 2021 Nike partnered with Concepts (a boutique international sneaker retailer) for the launch of their Limited Edition Kyrie 7 Horus, at their NYC Store near Union Square!  For this 5 Day in-store promotional event, the Team at Nike wanted to create a unique photo op that gave customers and event attendees the feeling of walking through the locker room tunnel out onto the basketball court while holding the New Kyrie 7 Horus sneakers.   And in doing so, they envisioned a very dark tunnel like setting, but at the same time properly exposing the subjects by focusing the flash from the camera ONLY on the subjects and Logos on the wall.

This required a lot of technical planning by our Professional Photography Team to figure out how to narrowly focus the flashes to hit the subject and logos, without over-exposing the rest of the tunnel.  Using multiple flashes with specialized positing and mounting techniques, the NYC Photo Party Crew Nailed Down the Perfect Exposure to create the EXACT Effect Nike was going for!    The result was a one-of-a-kind professionally stylized photo activation experience that EVERYONE Loved and was able to INSTANTLY Share to their favorite social media via our Fully Branded Sharing Kiosk!

photo-booth-nike-activation concepts-nike-product-photobooth nyc-nike-product-launchretail-launch-photo-activationnyc-event-photography experiential-marketing-nyc brand-activation-nyc nike-professional-photo-shoot

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