Their Request

The team at Bad Cinderella on Broadway, (the modern reimagining of the classic Cinderella story), requested a fully-branded video booth activation that would allow for performers of the show and guests of the premiere to engage and express themselves on such a pivotal night for Broadway!  They wanted seamless integration of the video booth inside the Red Carpet Area that would not disrupt the flow and would also tie-in with the overall setting and branding of the show! Our Gimbal-Cam Video Booth with Sleek Curved Backdrop was the perfect solution!

Our Solution

Picture a sleek, glamorous, compact and curved Bad Cinderella Branded Video Booth set up just outside the entrance of the Imperial Theater in Time Square for the Premiere of the Critically Acclaimed Broadway Show!  Nestled inside the corner of a large-scale Media Tent where the Red-Carpet Premiere took place, this unique video booth experience was custom designed to provide the Actors of Bad Cinderella and Event Guests alike, the chance to capture their best premiere poses and display their elaborate & ornate outfits which were fitting to the theme of the musical!

As guests approached, they're greeted by our professional video booth attendants and Gimbal Camera Videographer.  Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including professional-grade video camera rig and lighting, each guest’s video exposure was flawless!  With its advanced stabilization technology and precision control, our Gimbal Video Camera Photo Booth provided super smooth cinematic video clips, which were instantly processed with our proprietary video booth software, adding eye catching splice and slow motion video effects!

Inside the booth, there's a backdrop featuring the iconic Bad Cinderella Red and Logo, transporting guests into the enchanting world of the musical and allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Immediately after their video was captured, guests were able to instantly share their videos directly to their email and social media pages, helping to promote the show and ensure that the memories of this magical night will be cherished for years to come!

The Results

  • 300+ Videos Captured
  • 1,000 + Social Shares
  • 5+ Million Social Impressions
  • Helped Promote the Show
  • Thousands of Smiles Created!
  • Grateful Actors and Broadway Fans!