Their Request

Ford's presence at Essence Fest in New Orleans was surely powerful as their Marketing Team put together a Huge 7,000 Square Foot Experience!  Included within the floor plan was a Garage Style Car Port where Ford wanted guests to be able to sit in the All New Convertible Mustang for an instantly shareable "overhead" 360 Video to show off the entire car AND interior!  And wouldn't you know... NYC Photo Party was just the right company for the job, as our existing 360 Fly Around Overhead Camera Rig worked seamlessly with their build out plans!  

Our Solution

Our team traveled down to New Orleans to deliver, install and activate this awesome 360 Car Booth Experience for 3 days!  Leading up to the event, a big part of the pre-production process was to determine & develop the proper clamping system to attach our 360 camera rig to the booths existing trussing. We also had to calculate the proper length & height of the rotating camera arm to make sure that we captured the entire Ford Mustang in the 360 shot... and at just the right angle!  We love working out these types of technical details and seeing our teams expertise come to life... But what we love even more, is seeing the thousands of smiles and hearing all the laughter that our hard work and dedication has created!  

The Results

  • 1,000+ 360 Videos Captured
  • 3,000 + Social Shares
  • 1+ Million Social Impressions
  • Boosted Brand Awareness
  • Thousands of Smiles Created!
  • Very Happy Client