Their Request

The Frick Collection’s Annual Young Fellows Ball is consistently named by The New York Times as one of New York City’s top social events of the year!  For this elite yearly gathering, the Events & Marketing Team at The Frick Collection really wanted a photo booth that was totally out of the ordinary while tying in one of their Jean-Honoré Fragonard artwork master pieces from their exhibit!  This was surely a unique request, but one that our Team was excited to bring to life!

Our Solution

With an all-new custom curved frame and backdrop system, our popular Magazine Walk-in Photo Booth underwent a breathtaking transformation into a renowned Fragonard Masterpiece!  Guests of the Young Fellows Ball were transported into the captivating world of 18th-century French art as they stepped into the living canvas of Fragonard's iconic work.  With intricate details and vibrant colors, our Step-in Photo Booth faithfully recreated the essence of the celebrated painting, inviting guests to become part of its timeless beauty.  With our professional Photo Booth add-on, event guests received instant photo print-outs and instant digital photos which they were able to share on their favorite social media pages!  Our transformed magazine photo booth provided guests with an unforgettable journey into the heart of art and culture…creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

The Results

  • Show Stopping Artistic Production
  • Thousands of Media Photos & Posts
  • Amazing Publicity for the Frick Madison Collection
  • Very Happy NYC Socialites!