Their Request

The Teams at Nike & JD Sports joined forces during NYFW 2023 and reached out to NYC Photo Party to be their In-Store Activation Partner for an Influencer event they were planning.  For this event they wanted to provide guests with a video booth experience that would combine athletics and fashion in a Unique and futuristic way!

Our Solution

Imagine stepping into a cutting-edge video booth set up at JD Sports store in the heart of New York City during NY Fashion Week!  Our Virtual Catwalk Video Booth is not your ordinary photo booth—it's a green screen treadmill video booth that combines fashion, fitness, and technology in an exciting and interactive way!

As the influencers and event guests approached the booth, they witnessed firsthand our futuristic booth components and vibrant LED lights. The centerpiece was our custom-made green screen treadmill equipped with a green screen backdrop that transported you into another dimension and virtual world!

The booth was staffed by our enthusiastic attendants who were eager to guide each guest through the Virtual Catwalk Experience.  As you start walking or running, the green screen technology seamlessly replaces the background with the custom designed JD Sports virtual scene!

To enhance the experience, influencers and guests had the opportunity to try out a selection of stylish Nike athletic wear and accessories from the store's latest collection while they strutted down the Virtual Catwalk.

As you complete your virtual journey, the booth captured dynamic video footage of your experience. Guests were able to INSTANTLY preview their videos and share them directly to their email and social media channels, allowing them to showcase the latest in Nike Athletic fashion during the largest Fashion Week in the world…NYFW!

With its innovative combination of technology, fashion, and fitness, the green screen treadmill video booth offered a unique and memorable experience that captures the spirit of New York Fashion Week in an unexpected way!

The Results

  • 300+ Videos Captured
  • 1,000+ Social Shares
  • 1,000,000+ Social Impressions
  • Provided a Unique In-Store Promotion
  • Enhanced Brand Exposure for JD Sports & Nike
  • Produced Positive Emotions for Guests!