Their Request

When celebrity comedian Amy Schumer and stylist Leesa Evans teamed up to launch a clothing line called Le Cloud, it was only right that they hosted a event to introduce the product line to the press!  The idea for this new clothing line was to give women an everyday wardrobe that made them feel "light as a cloud" and look good at the same time.  And with that, they wanted a Video Booth experience for their intimate NYC Premiere event to evoke that same feeling & emotion!   So the concept of having an Overhead Camera rig capturing guests having fun on a Big Fluffy Bed was born! 

Our Solution

The AERIAL-CAM!  Utilizing our Teams Talents and Experience with Custom Rigging, we developed a method to mount a DSLR Video Camera & LED Lighting Directly overhead to capture properly lit, high res, instantly shareable "le Cloud" branded videos!  Guests could not have been more thrilled to jump into the supper fluffy queen sized bed and toss branded pillows in the air while their video recorded! Instant Video Sharing to Social Media allowed guests to show off their interactive experience and provided brand awareness and seamless promotional content for le Cloud! 

The Results

  • 100+ Videos Captured
  • 500+ Social Shares
  • 10+ Million Social Impressions
  • Boosted Brand Awareness
  • Hundreds of Smiles Created!
  • Very Happy Clients