Their Request

Everyone know that Macy's does it BIG for the Holidays... And BIG was the request they had for NYC Photo Party when they reached out to us with the idea of placing a giant snow globe video booth experience outside of their Flagship Herald Square Store in NYC! In addition, the team at Macy's wanted the shareable output videos to have a "panning" effect (moving side-to-side), while also capturing full motion of guests having fun inside the snow globe! Not an easy task, but our team was eager to get to the drawing board and come up with a solution... OR a "panning plan" if you will 😉

Our Solution

BUILD AN AUTMATED CAMERA ROBOT ON A TRACK!  Yup, you heard it right... In an effort to not only automate the process, but keep consistency within each video capture through out this multi-day activation, our team of producers & engineers conceptualized and developed a totally custom built motorized robotic camera system that rolled on a track! With the push of a button, the robot rolled far left to far right (and vise versa) while the video camera rolled tape! This system produced the exact type of "panning" video effect our client was looking for!  And to top it off, we constructed a super sleek custom branded enclosure which provided a beautiful finished look and feel for this Activation!   Open to the public, this Experiential Marketing Activation was a HUGE Success with thousands of videos captured and shared socially over the course a week!

The Results

  • 2,500+ Videos Captured
  • 7,500 + Social Shares
  • 2.2+ Million Social Impressions
  • Boosted Brand Awareness
  • Thousands of Smiles Created!
  • Very Happy Client