Their Request

When Pinterest reached out to NYC Photo Party for their Week-long participation at the iconic 2021 NYFW at Spring Studios, we couldn’t have been more Excited!  Pinterest wanted to create a 360 Video Booth “scene” with images of inspirational fashion content to serve as the video background.  NYC Photo Party was tasked with “Rotating” and Shooting Guests in a 360 Degree Videos so that guests could show-off their High Fashion Outfits from All Angles!  Instantly shareable content creation from the NYFW Show was of top priority for Pinterest!

Our Solution

NYC Photo Party delivered fashion forward perfection by utilizing our Fully Branded Professional Motorized Turntable Platform, paired with our Gimbal-Camera Video Booth System!  As guests were rotated in 360, our Gimbal-Cam capture every detailed angle, from the sway of their outfits to the twinkle in their eyes!  These Stunning Videos were shown in real-time on large screens positioned outside the booth, allowing spectators to admire the wide variety of fashion styles on display.  But this experience wasn’t just about the guests, rather about inspiration.  Surrounding the booth are mood boards featuring the latest fashion trends curated by Pinterest users.  From bold statement pieces to elegant ensembles, guests were surrounded by a wealth of ideas & concepts to fuel their next fashion adventure!  After each guest’s video was captured, they were able to instantly view and share their 360-degree video directly to their Pinterest profiles, phones and other Social Chanels via our High-Tech Video Sharing Kiosk!  As they exited the booth, guests felt exhilarated by the overall Pinterest 360 Video Booth Experience which provided a one-of-a-kind opportunity to express themselves and discover the endless possibilities of NY Fashion!

The Results

  • 2,000+ Videos Captured
  • 8,000+ Social Shares
  • 5+ Million Social Impressions
  • Elevated Pinterest App Downloads
  • Thousands of Smiles Created!
  • Grateful Client & Fashionistas