Their Request

When World Pride came to New York City in August of 2019, everyone new it would be one of the most epic World Pride Celebrations in recent History!    With their upcoming Re-Launch of the TV Series "the L word" (Generation Q), Showtime Networks also wanted to embrace this massive pride celebration.  So they reached out to us with the idea of placing an Enclosed Video Confessional Booth inside a Nightclub to capture & record guest's fondest memories of the original hit show from the early 2000's.  The content would be used by Showtime for various commercial & promotional uses.

Our Solution

Understanding the complexities & challenges of recording video & audio inside a nightclub, our team had to construct an enclosure that would allow for proper lighting and clear audio capture.  Allowing the structure to be aesthetically pleasing and Brandable, we designed and fabricated a Custom 7' Tall x 7' Long x 4' Wide Enclosure complete with Door, Sound Resistant Foam Panels, Custom Pink Video Backdrop, Touch Screen Video Capture System and Branded Exterior! Throughout the event, guests where super eager to enter the booth and share their passionate thoughts on what "the L word" show meant to them... achieving exactly the type of content capture our client set out for! 

The Results

  • 100+ Videos Captured
  • Valuable Content Created
  • 300+ Guest Interactions
  • Boosted Awareness for the Show
  • Hundreds of Smiles Created!
  • Very Happy Clients