SEG Display

A fabric stand perfect for showcasing your business at marketing events. Lightweight, portable and versatile, this stand can be used to partition your marketing space into unique configurations for maximum branding presence.

SEG displays utilize a silicone edge graphic (SEG) to create a seamless and visually appealing presentation. It is commonly used in the field of visual marketing and trade shows. The silicone strip is designed to fit into a channel on the display frame. This creates a taut and smooth appearance without any visible seams or wrinkles on the front surface of the display. Changing out SEG graphics is a breeze. interior walls with our wall graphic. This wall fabric material is lightweight and a breeze to install. The fabric print surface doesn't crease like other pressure sensitive vinyls and the adhesive is highly repositionable making a very forgiving material to work with. A fantastic option for wall murals or in store wall accents
  • 3ft: 33.45"W x 78.75"H x 18D
  • 10ft: 118.1"W x 88.6"H x 18"D
  • 20ft: 236.2"W x 88.6"H x 18"D 
  • High resolution UV printed that will last for years
  • 6 oz. Premium Backlit Fabric & Aluminum Frame