Haze machine (water based)

The Hurricane Haze 1DX delivers a light, water-based haze designed to augment any lighting performance. Its DMX address and individual operation are effortlessly set via a digital display. The device allows you to tailor the haze output speed directly from the digital display, eliminating the need for an external controller. An integrated sensor safeguards the longevity of the hazer by automatically deactivating the pump when the fluid dips below a certain level. Haze Machine Rental available in New York City and the Tri-State Area.

  • This convenient, portable hazer generates a subtle ambiance, boosting the effectiveness of any lighting display. 
  • It boasts a built-in volume control for easy, independent operation. Thanks to the whisper-quiet fan, it can be seamlessly incorporated into any space. 
  • The user-friendly digital display allows for effortless configuration of DMX functions and independent haze settings. 
  • Its compact design makes it versatile enough to be positioned anywhere.