STAGE Rentals

The ProFlex 4'x4' Portable Stage Unit allows you to easily build and expand your stage using multiple units. ProFlex Staging, one of the market's most innovative systems, offers lightweight, height adjustable, aluminum platforms with telescoping legs. The stage's distinct feature is its ability to adapt to your specific needs whether that's setting to a precise height or accommodating uneven terrains. The ProFlex guarantees maximum safety with a load rating of 153 lbs/sq ft. Rentals available in the Tri-State Area.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its water-resistance.
  • Designed with a modular structure for effortless extension or parts replacement.
  • Flexible setup - can be mounted on flat surfaces or on uneven terrains like slopes, hills or curbs.
  • Capable of sustaining dynamic activities like dancing or jumping.
  • Offers two height options - fixed and telescoping adjustable-height.